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small face Massage
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Address: 3-25-17, Wakahiwa, Minami-ku Fukuoka city
By appointment only

 "Enjoy Day Shop Challenge" is a unique Acupuncture and massage shop as you can comfortably spend the day-to-day life. We have a treatment program that Shiraki-Original Massage, Original small face Massage. We provide to treatment comfortable acupuncture and massage.
Acupuncturist of the "Enjoy Day Shop Challenge" who can speak English little. Please contact to us.
TEL: 092-408-7381
Address: 3-25-17, Wakahiwa, Minami-ku Fukuoka city
By appointment only
Original small face Massage
 Painless acupuncture, pleasant stimulation to the small face your face at the ultimate practitioner in pursuit of.  If away - take pictures of before and after treatment on your own, the effect of the treatment can be realized. Please you also feel the experience of about be surprised.
 Currently, most disposable of acupuncture is that acupuncture is done in Japan, its diameter has been used most often those of 0.2mm ~ 0.16mm. This would be helpful to think of much fineness hair. If you type properly this thin acupuncture to the pot, the pain does not feel at all.
 In my this hand, everybody is glad if it is possible to enjoy. Woman is beautiful, cute, I would like to have a nice smile.
Acupuncture treatment
 Acupuncture is one is a traditional medicine that has been developed against the background of the ancient Chinese concept of the "Oriental medicine". Acupuncture medicine of roots, dating back to the Neolithic era, first had to remove the pain by using a bamboo and stone tools. After that, it is now of acupuncture of the prototype by the inventor of the metal, and the culmination of the enormous clinical examples and lessons obtained battling disease in the harsh nature, acupuncture medicine has been inherited. Acupuncture, to countries other than the East is a treatment that is not seen too much, it is said to have been developed from older than drug therapy in China.
 Medicine is making progress, currently the excellent treatments and new drugs have been one after another, we might wonder there is a question of whether there is a presence value of such old-fashioned treatment.
 As an integrated medical care to seek a synergistic effect, even those that modern medicine is but no matter how advanced supplement the beginning to end which tends to Western medicine to symptomatic treatment, in the idea that the human body overall staring subjected to a treatment dealing with illness Oriental medicine who is has been noted.
 People are not suddenly become ill, is fatigue and factors such as stress is the accumulation of a long time, the results come weakened body, you get sick. Oriental medicine, the front of the body to become ill, natural healing power inherent in human nature is better to arrange to function normally. Not only cure the disease, it is valid also to cure the non-disease which can be called preventive medicine.
 By the WHO (World Health Organization) in 2006, by which acupuncture site (pot of position) has been standardized, oriental medicine and acupuncture has has also been internationally recognized.
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Shop NameEnjoy Day Shop Challenge
AcupuncturistYoshotaka Shiraki
Address3-25-17, Wakahiwa, Minami-ku Fukuoka city Fukuoka 815-0042
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